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A typical lifecycle of a startup

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Co-founders get together – find a problem to solve – brainstorm a disruptive solution - build prototypes - find early customers - validate need with early customers - angel funding or sign up with an accelerator

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Product Market Fit

Build Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - test and iterate the MVP with early customers - test sales and marketing channels, early PR - building the core team

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Scale Hacking

Transition to growth - fine tune product - increase revenues and customers - make the product robust - optimize costs - enhance user experience - solidify core team – plan for institutional fund raising

Scale hacking

Scale the product - strengthen technology - explore other markets - marketing - raise venture capital

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We believe our core strength and investor expertise lies in Product Market
Fit & Scale hacking phase of the startup

If you are an entrepreneur and meet the following requirements, we’d love to hear from you!


You have a disruptive idea and have built an early version of the product. You see some traction but are not sure what to do next.


You have at least one co-founder in place, preferably the entire team.


Your business has a big market potential. The potential revenue you can generate out of this business in 3-4 years could be millions of dollars or more, if you get the right investment.


You don't just need money but also someone who can get involved in your business and provide feedback and advice on a regular basis.


You can potentially expand your market into other countries.


You have a burning passion and are willing to go that extra mile in transforming your startup in to a successful business.

Get funded

Get Funded

About AngelPrime

We are a seed-stage fund, focused on startups that not only need seed capital but also require mentoring to catapult them to the phase where they are ready for a large venture investment.

About angel prime

We believe in getting deeply involved with the companies we invest in. We give our time, money and energy to the best in the business and do not invest in more than 3-4 companies in a year. We understand that entrepreneurship is a long and lonely journey and having multiple people spending sleepless nights on your business dramatically increases the chance of its success.

All the partners at AngelPrime are serial entrepreneurs with strong relationships in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Their combined experience makes AngelPrime a natural destination for the startups targeting global markets such as the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.



Companies we have funded in the past and we are continuing to fund and advise

ZipDial is the inventor of driving consumer engagement via missed call marketing. It is the mobile marketing & analytics platform used by marketers to engage 100% of their consumers.

ZipDial's patent-pending platform drives toll free engagement applications such as lead generation, couponing, contests, friend referrals, location-based services, live/recorded voice broadcasting, social media integration, on-pack activations and a lot more. Brands like P&G, Disney, Colgate, Nivea have achieved 2 to 50 times more unique users engaging on ZipDial than on Facebook

Ezetap is a global leader in the rapidly growing Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) market based in Bangalore. The Ezetap platform turns any mobile device into a POS payment terminal and enables secure card payments for merchants in emerging markets. With industry-specific services built around payments, Ezetap is changing the way enterprises, small and home-run business are getting paid. Ezetap is live in multiple countries across Africa and South East Asia. Its customers include leading companies in eCommerce, bill payment and collections, insurance, FMCG, restaurants and hospitality, retail, taxi services and organizations focused on financial inclusion. Ezetap has partnerships with leading financial institutions including Citibank, State Bank of India, and American Express.

HackerEarth is a global community of developers and disrupting technical recruitment today. It provides a platform to code, learn, compete and discover the best opportunities to developers around the world. HackerEarth hosts programming contests where developers compete against each other and also get a chance to apply to great companies. Every developer on HackerEarth’s community is ranked and scored by its unique ranking system. On the other hand, it provides recruiters a tool to accurately assess developers for their programming skills and also discover the best talent. HackerEarth’s assessment tool allows recruiter to save their countless developer hours, by automating the assessment process end to end. This allows people with little or no technical knowledge set and administer comprehensive programming assessment tests for programmers.

SmartOwner is a pioneering company that has created a platform that enables people to access high-value assets in amounts as flexible as their portfolios.

SmartOwner aims to redefine the way people can engage in asset ownership by providing them with a marketplace to connect with asset sellers and other asset buyers. Our marketplace is curated to ensure that only the best assets are offered, and each listing is backed by a team of professionals to reduce the client's work to the click of a button.

SmartOwner’s revolutionary technology platform is highly scalable and designed to handle a high volume of transactions, at the same time allowing users to have a simple and customized experience. This unique experience is the creation of our team of renowned technologists and entrepreneurs whose aim is to make ownership a safe and profitable experience.


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Sanjay Swamy

Sanjay Swamy

Energy. Ideas. Leadership.

That’s Sanjay Swamy in a nutshell. Best known for his leadership role at mChek, the path breaking startup in secure payments, Sanjay has trodden the tough and demanding path of an entrepreneur all through his career.

After completing his bachelor's degree in engineering, Sanjay headed to Paris where he learned to cuss fluently in French, while getting a Master's degree, one of which proved to be more invaluable than the other over time. A stint at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto provided a moment of epiphany and it's fair to say that things have never been to same since. Bitten by the desire to create, Sanjay embarked on a journey to build world beating teams and products that took him through startups like Ketera and Portal Software, mChek and Zipdial, which he co-founded in 2010.

An active member of the community, Sanjay is a Rotarian and a charter member of TiE. Sanjay also played a prominent role on the UIDAI project under the leadership of Mr. Nandan Nilekani. He is a frequent speaker and evangelist in the entrepreneurship and payments circuits in the country. He lives in his hometown, Bangalore with wife, Tulsi and their son.


Shripati Acharya

IIT engineer. Stanford computer scientist. Harvard MBA. Entrepreneur. Business leader.

These are just a few words to describe Shripati. But, he’s best known by friends and colleagues for being astute with a razor sharp intellect and a Zen-like devotion to data driven decision-making.

Shripati has combined his passion to build great teams, an extraordinary desire to excel and a keen eye for spotting the tales that numbers tell throughout his career - be it as a business lead at Cisco or as a co-founder of Snapfish, the world's largest photo site acquired by HP or at Transarc, which was acquired by IBM. Shripati has also worked alongside Mr. Nandan Nilekani on the UIDAI project.

Having spent substantial parts of working career in the United States and India addressing worldwide markets, Shripati brings a global management perspective. His passion for Indian business was seeded when he interned for Boston Consulting Group in India and has grown through investments in and mentoring of Indian online startups over the last decade.

Shripati enjoys the great outdoors and has hitch-hiked through Europe and trekked the wind swept mountains of the Himalayas and the Andes. A firm believer in healthy living, Shripati diligently practises yoga and meditation, and has the phone number of every organic shop in Bangalore on his speed dial. He lives in Bangalore with his wife, Sowmya and their two children.


Bala Parthasarathy

It's one thing to be an entrepreneur. It's another thing to pull it off multiple times. Bala has been there and done that.

Among other things, Bala has built three companies, the latest of which was Snapfish, bought by Hewlett Packard in 2005. As General Manager and MD for Snapfish International, he led its growth into becoming the world's largest online photo site with 100M+ users, and expansion into 20+ countries in Europe and Asia Pacific. Prior to Snapfish, Bala co-founded Wyatt River Software, which was acquired by what is now SafeNet and started his career as one of the early engineers who built Digital Link, which went public in 1993. Later, he worked with Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Chairman - UIDAI, and played a seminal and leading role in defining the application strategy and developer ecosystem on the UIDAI project.

In 2006, he was recognized by University of California - Santa Cruz with its highest honor for alumni as a "Distinguished Alumnus". He obtained his bachelor's degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

His insatiable appetite to see the world has taken him on personal adventures across 75 countries in the world and driven him to acquire fluent spoken Spanish and French and a surprisingly effective grasp of German, Portuguese and Italian. He has climbed the Kilimanjaro, trekked the Andes, Alps and the Himalayas, motor-biked across the African continent, up the highest motorable road in the world at Leh, ridden boats, camels and ramshackle trains - in the quest for experiencing those indescribable moments which have made him what he is. He shares his love for the world and adventure with his wife, Dana and their three kids.




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